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LSSSE Annual Results Released (January 2014)

LSSSE's Annual Results explores four themes this year, drawing on data gathered in 2013 from over 26,000 students at 86 U.S. law schools:

  • The extent to which law schools expose their students to business and financial concepts and quantitative analysis (Director's Message)
  • What law students know about the legal profession, where they learn it and the role law schools play in promoting that learning (Learning About and From Lawyers: Engagement with the Profession)
  • Critical and analytical thinking in law school classes and its effect on law students (Learning to Think Like a Lawyer)
  • Satisfaction with student advising services and its relation to overall law school satisfaction and gains in academic and professional development (Student Advising)
The report is introduced by David N. Yellen, Dean and Professor of Law, Loyola University Chicago School of Law